Filofaxing knitter

My two favourite obsessions … the Filofax organisers and knitting.

I was lucky to find this pocket sized Pak in a charity shop.



Originally, I planned to use it as a wallet however, fellow Filofaxing knitter Nadia suggested I use it as a knitting case.

So now, I store my interchangeable KnitPro needle tips in the card slots and a pad post it notes. On the right is a very pretty floral dashboard made from a birthday card.


I recycled the plastic sleeve protectors that some birthday cards have over them. I used decorative tape from Tiger to make pockets for the cables.  I carry  20cm, 40cm,  60cm, 80cm, and 100cm knitting cables


I made another pocket using the cover of a knitting magazine.


I use a clear zipped pocket to store a few stitch markers and a yarn needle.

All zipped up and ready to come along to a Dublin Knit Collective Knitworking session.



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