Welcome June…It’s a new month…

I am settling comfortably in my Filofax…

I like the simplicity of the Original. Its elasticised pen loops are on the left-hand side of my planner since makes pen grabbing quite accessible to a southpaw like myself.


My dashboard will change every month… as they are recycled from last year’s calendar.

Each month has a pocket, this one is folded from gift-wrapping paper that one of my birthday presents this year.


I have a monthly view of June and colour code my schedule…


I choose a week and a task on one page to view and plan each week…


So far, I am liking the horizontal week on  two pages to see as this format makes it easier for me (as a left-hander ) to write on each day.


This month I will be using a new blog post planner on one page and a take note page on the left-hand side.


I started a fresh page for brain dumping for the Dublin Knit Collective.



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