Planning for the Second Quarter

The spring equinox is officially here and it also marks the second quarter of 2016.

I am compelled to review my planner needs since I expect to be very busy the next few months.


I need more organiser and planning space so I’ve set up an A5 ringed binder which I plan to keep here at Knitting HQ.
My Filofax Original (personal size) feels like a brick in my bag so now I am using a Filofax Windsor.

I am loving my Filofax pocket Amazona which I am using as a wallet.

I am still using the passport sized traveler’s notebook for my day job, however I’m still not convinced that I like my set up. But I’ll stick with it for a few more months.


Moving day…

I made the move from a Filofax to a Traveler’s Notebook over the weekend. My full sized ZLYC traveler’s notebook is now a knit knote journal and organiser.


The monthly calendar chronicles and tracks my #yearofmaking challenge for 2016.


Although I use my Samsung tablet to download and access knitting pattern patterns from my Ravelry library, I still like to print my personal copy and take pen to paper to make a few knit knotes.


A zippered plastic pouch contains all the bits and bobs that I need for the current knitting project.


I’ve also added colouring page as another way to unleash my creative spirit.


Size really matters…

Last year I was using a pocket Filofax as my workbook however, I found it to be bulky and heavy in the pocket of my scrub suit.

I was planning to use the same Filofax set up, however, my impulse purchase of not one but three , Traveler Notebooks changed all that.

For 2016, I decided to set up the dark green ZLYC passport TN as my work / daily bullet journal due to the size and ease of slipping it into a patch pocket.


Last month, I downloaded, printed and punched 2016 month on one page intended for my pocket Filofax. As I did not want them to go unused, I trimmed them down and glued them into a passport sized TN insert.


Using grid paper, I made a fold out a year at a glance insert and highlighted the weekends and bank holidays…

Last year I used a modified version of Ryder Carroll’s Bullet Journal and it worked well for me, so I have a lined insert ready to go for the first Safety Pause of 2016.