So far so good….

We are 10 days into 2016, and I have managed to attend two Zumba classes, two pilates classes, and a yoga class….


Decorating for Canada Day…

I’m finally getting around to showing off my amazing wreath!

For Canada Day I have a very special wreath on my front door.


Made by a group of my knitterly/crafty friends for my birthday earlier this year. The colours remind me of the Canadian flag.


The creative stitching is lovely. …


Love the detail….




This month marks two years of pilates…. I am absolutely delighted with my slow achievements:

one hundreds… high plank… pilates push ups (I can do four : ) … jack-knife … and finally I get the breathing….

What has kept me going?

Accessibility of my local gym…it’s in my neighbourhood.

Drive and determination… my progress was very slow but I have a Spouse who encouraged me to keep at it.

Friendship…. I have a new circle of friends who do not knit ; )